Does the Gym Help Students Perform Better in Class?

The study results suggest that students who attend the gym are more engaged in class. The extra time they spend in the gym is likely spent being sedentary and playing sports that do not require continuous movement. Similarly, a recent study in Texas elementary schools found that most students engaged in physical activity during the entire class period, and that they performed better in class after spending three minutes in the gym. While this is a strong reason to include a fitness class in the school schedule, there are other reasons for the benefits.

In addition to increasing the number of students participating in physical education classes, these classes also improve the student’s flexibility and coordination. As we age, our flexibility and coordination decrease. Therefore, maintaining our physical fitness and developing these skills will ensure a longer lifespan. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education suggests that students should take advantage of these activities, since they can boost their self-esteem. This is a strong reason to continue pursuing physical education, and we cannot discount the benefits of gym classes.

Besides being beneficial for students’ physical health, gym class can also help students form bonds with other students. It can also foster better social skills, such as good sportsmanship and teamwork. While a lot of students can’t perform well in physical education classes, they are likely to develop stronger bonds with classmates. It is up to the school and the stakeholder groups to encourage the students to continue attending this class.

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