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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What are your initial procedures?

The first step is to arrange to consult personally with any of our Consultants either in United Arab Emirates or anywhere our offices are located, or through e-mail, fax, Correspondence or telephone call in order to prepare a preliminary assessment of your prospects. The purpose of the consultation is to gather together all the necessary information needed to assess your immigration situation, to advise you of the options open to you, to suggest the best course of action, to explain and clarify immigration procedures, etc. There is no charge for an initial consultation or preliminary assessment.

Q.2) Can you speed up the processing of my case?

By assuring that you have a good knowledge of immigration procedures and that your application is properly prepared and documented in advance, any unnecessary processing delays can be avoided.

Q.3) Do I require a job offer in order to meet the Canadian Immigration requirements?

No. Most skilled workers are selected without an offer of employment. However, a job offer will certainly enhance your chances and in some cases may make the difference.

Q.4) What guarantee of success can you offer me?

Every applicant must comply with the requirements of the Immigration Act and Regulations and only a Immigration Officer can make the final decision. Therefore, you should be wary of anyone offering an absolute guarantee. Our guarantee is to assist you with your application and to represent you with the Immigration Department to the best of our ability.

Q.5) Do you consult with persons overseas?

Yes, we have visited and interviewed clients throughout Canada, United kingdom, Australia, Germany,Denmark , New Zealand and the United States.

Q.6) How much are your fees?

It will be dependent upon the complexity of the case and the immigration category in which your application is submitted.